The REAL Laser Beam Surgery

The REAL Laser Beam Surgery
by Susan James

Magic is in the air and your Magic Wand is your ink pen or your crayons! The Magic Wand of Body Image waves itself over energy work. Do you do energy work? What is It? Writing and Verbalizing your desired body image !

If you do, good for you!

If you do not, good for you too, which only means you get to begin as soon as you choose to. Sometimes you have to move yourself over the edge of yourself. Everyone's timing is different, there is nothing, NO Thing wrong with that, ok?Ok !

Folks who do this have stories of how they do see and feel, how automatically things begin to change. The notice new and changing things about how they think and feel about their body image and having it flow to them versus struggling to find it.

They notice how they used to view weight loss as differently from other intentions or desires for their lives. It is NO different, it is the same, exactly!

But if your self-image is in the toilet, then you may not even give yourself credit for the other areas you have had success and accomplishment in.

If you have good. And if you have not, well, as you know, that is still good.

The Principle Method behind this body image intention, is finding that place of pure awareness within yourself to work for you and through you. And always the suggestion of the *Write & Affirm* instrument helps to bring you this overall intention.

There is a whole HUGE Mechanics behind why this works. Its more than just focusing....there is a reason why it works !

If you have carried a body image not reflective of what you want for a good period of time, then you have had an unknowing conversation going on with yourself each time you put on your clothes, each time you pass a mirror or window and don't want to see yourself, each time you see a menu, or look in your refrigerator or that of a friends, and each time you go to the grocery store and each time you go to get gas for your car, and on and on !! All DAY LONG ! Week after Week!

This is the exact reason, that you HAVE TO help yourself in defense of your own self and your own heart, and your mind, and your feelings.

Please be smart enough to move through whatever you have to, in order to invest 5-15 minutes per day writing about what you want . You DO NOT have to write about your body image, every day. That is the point of all of THIS !

Once you move yourself over to where you are feeling good about yourself most of the day, it then AUTOMATICALLY carries over into all, as in ALL areas of your life.

There is a thick aura around you that you have to surgically remove with a laser beam. That laser beam, is the pen that you hold in your hand.

I know what you are going through, I have been there and left it behind me forever, so please continue going through it !!

Going through it does not mean looking at it, it means looking at the end result that you are after !! So please define in clear terms, what that is for you.

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