Can Feminism Handle The Word I? (Response)

Can Feminism Handle The Word I? (Response)
(c) 2002 by Regena English

Women responded with candor to last month's aticle Can Feminism Handle the Word I.

(Invocative quote from last months' Can Feminism Handle The Word I?)
"I think women as a collective made alot of noise in the seventies to draw attention to our wants but it were the individuals who made the strides. Do I credit the feminist movement for my professional success?No, it was I who made the good grades to attend the best schools to get the good jobs. It was I who made personal sacrifices to move up the ladder, and it was I who took the chance to create my own company. I'm not a feminist because it was I who had to do what was needed for me to be the person I am today."38,Jessie

I was not surprised by your feminist friend's response to Jessie's statement. I too, have endured nasty remarks of not helping women with my thinking I can do it all for myself. I find it quite interesting when women feel the need to point that out to me after all so many of us are motivated by the thought of not having to depend on men for our survival.Yolanda

I loved the article. Years ago I was an active member in several feminist organizations, I truly thought I was making a contribution to women by supporting such groups. If it had not been for a casual discussion between myself and some NOW members I would still be active in those organizations.

The questions were asked, how do we attract younger women to the organization, what do we offer them in exchange for their political,social, and financial support? One of the women shook her head and said, hell we can't offer them anything they can't get for themselves. What she didn't realize was she enlightened four of her peers without knowing it.

Feminism don't have anything to offer modern women. There was a time women needed to ban together to see to it women in general could succeed outside of the home, that network is outdated and serves no further purpose other than some casual business networking.

Hardcore feminists cring when they hear inactive members' honesty on the subject. I'm with you Regena, women don't need feminism when they can think for themselves. 49,Patti

Regina we're living in a new world, a world that don't include angry marches demanding birth control, unmarried women be called Ms instead of Miss, and corporate America opening their doors or else. Women today aren't faced with that anymore, today they're expected to put up like the men or get lost. Those old rules no longer applies. The world has changed therefore we as women must change or be pushed to the curb by progress.Tori

I'm very familiar with the article that generated your feminist associate's anger. The first time I read the article I was angered by it as well. Not anymore. In somewhat of a defense of the angered associate it's hard to let go of the "struggle" when you can remember how it was before the doors of opportunity opened to all.

It's time she got a grip and realized the struggle has changed in such a way the only people able to help are those directly involved. The individual. As a Black American over the age of 50 I can remember a time inwhich Blacks rode in the back of the bus which was a angry point for me. I can't still be angry today long after the fact over having to ride crowed into a small space with other blacks on a largly empty bus in 1962.

This feminist need to catch up with the times and see them for what they are and not how they use to be so she can respond accordingly.Lorelle

Oh how I agree with your article's point of view. It is the woman's responsibility to make all sacrifices for her success and when she does she owes no one else the glory. Men have always had to do this with some exceptions such as the "good old boys network". When my firm is competing for government and private sector contracts we often find ourselves competing against women-owned firms.

In order for these women to place bids they must already be secure in they can do to meet their bids if won. Being a feminist is all good and fine if you're one but being one wont make the road of competition any easier for you. Everything hinges on the woman's abilities.Dennis


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