Create Your Day Create Your Day The power of creation is available to us all on a daily basis. Upon waking, take a few minutes to think of your day ahead. What will you be doing today and how will it impact you? Take into account all you can do to create a day with as little tension and as much ease as possible. This is all with the intention of creating a balanced state of mind, and as a result, a balanced state of affairs.

Most of us let our day impact us, as opposed to taking the enlightened position of impacting our day. When we choose to be kind and move with ease, not only our lives, but also those of everyone around us, will be more fulfilling.

Empower yourself and others through choice.


From Workplace Miracles by Kathleen Gage. To receive Gage's fr*ee report "Learn How One Salt Lake City Based Consultant Made Over 100k With One Idea" visit