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December 2002 issue6 Tips for Creating
Rita Fisher
Will you be one of the millions beginning 2003 off with the pursuit of new employment? Well if you are, this article is a must read for creating a resume that yields wonderful results.

3 Great Holiday Gift Ideas
Doris Dobkins
Consider giving a service instead of more junk and stuff people already have plenty of at this moment.

The Truth About Weightloss
Dr. Robert Osgoodby

If you stick with just about any weightloss diet you will lose weight. The lack of knowledge on how to correctly lose weight and burn fat is the reason most people are not successful keeping the weight off long-term.

Limitations & Risk Taking
Regena English
Do you live in fear, limiting yourself physically and mentally?

Caps,shirts, clocks, and so much more for the "smarty pants" in your life. Thoughtful gifts that uplifts and celebrate those special women. Make the holidays UNFORGETTABLE.

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