Do It Gradually

Do It Gradually

~~~Are you an "all-or-nothing" sort of person or can
you do things gradually? Weight-lifters start with weights 
they *can* lift and gradually increase the weight over a period 
of time. Improving a bit each day, no matter how tiny that bit is, 
will take you to your goal! The operant principle here is

~~~Pavlov, the king of stimulus-response thinking, was
asked to give one last bit of advice on achieving success to
his students from his deathbed. His answer was, "Passion and
gradualness." That seems like very memorable, appropriate advice.
If you are involved in projects, careers and relationships
that you are passionate about and you purposefully build them
gradually, you will reach your objectives and reap the benefits.

~~~When you reach a plateau after developing a high
degree of skill, or after working intensely at something, it is
often wise to drop back a little and allow for some ease. When
things feel like a strain and results are not forthcoming, that
sense of difficulty and effort can displace the passion you once
had. There is sometimes wisdom in stepping back before you
move forward once again.

~~~Build on your own success patterns. You have all
had successes. Go back in your memory and relive those experiences.
In your imagination revive the entire picture in as much detail
as you can. Visualize all the little incidental things that
helped you on your way to that success. Remember all the
details--the feelings, the activities, the colors, the surroundings,
the exuberance, the path. Arouse that feeling of success and use it to
picture yourself successfully bringing your current desires into

~~~See yourself already succeeding at your worthwhile
venture. Use your mind in this creative way. No, do not coerce
your mind, or use effort or willpower to bring about your
desired goal. Just clearly visualize the outcome, perfect in
every detail.

It sure beats worrying . . . and it works!

~~~Keep It in MIND!

(c) Rhoberta Shaler, PhD April, 2000 
All rights reserved.

About the Author:

Rhoberta Shaler, PhD, is a speaker, consultant, author
and coach building cooperation and capability within
organizations and individuals. Visit her websites at
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