The Energy Zone

The Energy Zone
By Julie Ginn

I used to think it was normal to feel tired, because my schedule of work and home life was so busy. After all, isnít lower energy a natural part of getting older? Now I know that we donít have to lose our vital energy and life force as we grow older. At 44, I have more energy and vitality than I did at 24 Ė naturally and without caffeine.

To recapture this youthfulness, I researched countless books written by MDs, PhDís and scientists, and tested out each diet and nutrition principle myself to find what works.

When youíre young, the hormones estrogen and testosterone are produced by the sex glands. But as we get older, the body starts to rely on the adrenal glands to take over that role. If the adrenals are overly stressed, they wonít be able to accept this extra load. This seems to be true now for millions of people who have been stressing the adrenals for decades of a busy lifestyle Ė and are now tired or exhausted.

The thyroid governs energy production and metabolism, but several things can block the activity of the thyroid. Oftentimes, an overgrowth of candida albicans or yeast, and fungus will filter through the body, interfere with the thyroid and other hormone production, and contribute to many devastating health problems. We need protein, omega 3 and 6 fats, B vitamins and more for healthy hormone production. Caffeine and sugar stress the organs and glands, while disrupting our immune system.

I found ways to balance each of these problems with supplements and nutrition. Yet nothing was enough to put me into what I call The Energy Zone, where you feel like youíre swimming in youthful vigor, good health and energy. And without this bounty of energy, itís nearly impossible to achieve your goals and live out your dreams. Something was missing. Something important.

Thatís when I ran across a discovery that has brought a monumental impact on health, vitality, youthfulness and energy. One common thread runs through all of these health concerns and many more. The culprit can be described in two words Ė toxic acidity.

Most of the foods that we eat today (as well as the toxins we breath in from our environment), create an acid residue that invisibly poisons our tissues, cells and organs. In order for us to maintain high energy and youthfulness, we must prevent these acid toxins from accumulating within our bodies. Our bodies are full of these acid toxins, only most people donít know it.

Our health is dependent upon our bodies becoming more alkaline than acid. But today more than ever, thereís an extreme amount of acid toxins in the body that is linked to everything from chronic fatigue, to adrenal stress, to obesity, to diabetes, to cancer.

To stay healthy and youthful, at least 70% of what we eat should be alkaline producing foods, and only 30% acid producing. Herein lies a huge problem. The typical American diet is exactly the opposite; up to 80% acid forming foods Ė like meat, dairy, breads, grains and sugar. Even an organic health food diet can be surprisingly packed with acid forming foods, such as many fruits.

If you want your cells to be filled with oxygen, get your body into an alkaline zone. Acid waste will snuff out much of the fire of oxygen within your cells. If you want to eliminate fatigue, reverse many health conditions and avoid degenerative disease, I urge you to find a way to get more alkaline.

One way to become more alkaline is to change your diet by adding more alkaline type foods. But diet is usually not enough to prevent toxic acid buildup and remove the old stored acid waste that is stealing your energy, health and vitality. The easiest way is to supplement your diet with formulas specifically designed to shift your body towards the more healthy alkaline zone.

Hands down, this discovery has eclipsed every bit of progress that went before. Itís the missing key to surpassing health barriers to live a full, rich life. Not only do I have more energy than Iíve had in twenty years, I feel BETTER than I did twenty years ago. Once I found a quick and effective way to get alkaline, my body gained a wonderful balance that lasts all month long. Now I spend every day in the energy zone.

Julie Ginn is a CPA, former CFO for a startup company, and entrepreneur. Her passion for anti-aging and natural healing through diet and nutritional supplementation has spanned fifteen years and extensive research. To find out more about how to get alkaline quickly, send an e-mail to

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