Excuses or Choices

Excuses or Choices

Many times I hear people say, "I don't have time for that" or "I'm too old to start doing that" or "It'll never happen for me." I hear these phrases all the time whenever there are conversations about finances, diets or exercise programs. Do you hear them too?

For example, I've heard people say they don't want to set up a budget because they don't have enough time. Or they don't want to save money for their retirement because they are too old and they'll never save up enough anyway so why bother. How about those who never start exercising or dieting because they just don't believe they'll ever receive the benefits.

I want to ask you a question now. Do you think these responses are excuses or choices?

For a moment, let's compare the terms "excuse" and "choice"!

According to Webster, an excuse is "an explanation offered as a reason for being excused; a plea offered in extenuation of a fault or for release from an obligation, promise, etc."

And a choice is, "the right, power, or opportunity to choose; option"

It's pretty obvious that there is a big difference in the two words yet I think many people confuse the two. Everyday we make choices that keep us from being what we want to be, physically, financially, spiritually and mentally. These choices are disguised as excuses.

Many people have become so accustomed to allowing society to make choices for them that they are deceived into believing that they no longer have any choices left to make. Therefore they turn all the negatives in their life into, "I can't" statements and excuses. This couldn't be further from the truth. A more truthful way of speaking would be to say, "I choose not to exercise everyday." "I choose not to take the time to set up a personal budget." Or, "I choose not to start setting aside money each month for retirement."

The first step to changing your excuses to choices is to be honest with yourself. Start communicating correctly with yourself and others. Once you acknowledge that you do have choices, you will be able to start taking better control of your life.

We all do have choices. When we realize that, we hopefully will stop making excuses and start making different choices that will help us get to where we want to go.

Doris Dobkins is a money saving expert, author and speaker and has helped thousands of people find ways to save money and get out of debt.

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