Launch your dreams and they will come true

Launch your dreams and they will come true
by Mary Anne Thomas

Your dreams contain everything they need to succeed. Money, support, opportunities: they're part of your dreams as soon as you launch them. For decades, spiritual teachers have stated this truth -- that our dreams contain everything they need to succeed -- but most of us don't believe it. We don't know "how" it happens, and so it has seemed too good to be true.

In this issue of Mindzine, I'm going to show you "how" dreams succeed, so you'll not only believe it . . . you'll be eager to launch your dreams.

Within each manifestation there is a natural refinement process that makes your manifestation grow to maturity ("manifestation" is a formal word for dream, desire, wish, and prayer). Here's what happens:

1) Refinement weeds out impurities. When we see the word "impurities," we usually gasp and think, "Oh, oh, there's something wrong with me that needs to be balanced or healed." That's not what weeding out impurities means! In manifestation, it means the process of removing anything that is not harmonious to your dream. It could be something joyful (but that doesn't fit). It might be an old belief that applies to all other situations except the one you're trying to create. How are impurities weeded out? With the help of contrasting experiences. You'll see something you don't like and say, "Hey, I'd like to have that instead!" Or, someone will push your buttons, and make you want something more than you've ever wanted before: respect, approval, or praise.

2) Refinement fills in the pieces. Let's say you've decided to own your own home. Let's say, further, that your dream is to own your home outright, without needing a mortgage. Just the thought of a mortgage-free house gives you goosebumps! It's a great dream, but there are lots of details missing. Where will the house be located? Would you prefer a home in the mountains, at the shore, or near a city? What style of furnishings would you like to have? You can't live (at least, not comfortably) without sofas, chairs, and beds. Where do you want the money to come from? Do you want to work like a dog for several years, and save the money? Would you prefer to raise it through the stock market? Would you rather write a book and let the royalties buy the house for you? There are lots of details to be filled in, and the refinement process of manifestation fills them in for you. A friend will invite you to join him at a furniture showroom sale. There, you'll see lots of new furnishing styles to choose from. Your manifestation is taking notes! You may begin to feel overworked and think, "I'd like to find an easier way to make money." That's another detail filled in. In time, when all (or most) of the details are filled in, your dream will appear in its entirety.

Can you speed up the refinement process? You can, and we're going to do it right now with Mindzine's favorite spiritual tool, the Dictionary Game. The Dictionary Game is a new mind-body-spirit tool that helps you manifest your dreams. When you focus on words that describe your dreams, the feelings behind those words become animated. When feelings are animated, they're able to attract other feelings just like them until they form a mass. When a mass is formed, it becomes visible in our physical world. That's the goal of all mind-body-spirit work . . . to make your dreams, your preferences, your prayers visible . . . and the Dictionary Game allows you to accomplish it.

To play the Dictionary Game with me now, just read along with me.

Launch: to throw forward; to release, catapult, or send off; to originate or set in motion; to get off to a good start

Introduce: to bring into play; to present or announce formally

Begin: to do the first part of an action; to have a starting point; to begin to succeed; to come into existence

Refine: to free from impurities or unwanted material; to improve or perfect by pruning or polishing; to make improvement by introducing subtleties or distinctions

Polish: to make smooth and glossy; to bring to a highly developed, finished, or refined state

Smooth (verb): to free from what is harsh or disagreeable; to free from obstruction or difficulty

Smooth (adj): having a continuous even surface; free from difficulties or impediments; amiable; courteous

Perfect (adj): to bring to final form; to make perfect

Perfect (verb): to be entirely without defect; flawless; satisfying all requirements; corresponding to an ideal; faithfully reproducing the original; lacking in no essential detail; complete; contented; satisfied

Whole: free of wound or injury; unhurt; free of impairment; having all its proper parts or components; constituting the total sum or undiminished entirety; constituting an undivided unit; very great in quantity, extent, or scope

Complete: having all necessary parts, elements, or steps; concluded; highly proficient; fully carried out; brought to an end; total; full

Launch your dreams and they will come true! You may need to update some of your ideas and beliefs (to weed out anything that doesn't fit), and you may need to put a little creative time in (to fill in the pieces), but your dreams always begin to manifest the minute you launch them.

(c) Copyright 2000, Mary Anne Thomas. All rights reserved.

--- Mary Anne Thomas is the author of "An Adventure of the Mind," a new spiritual workbook that teaches you how to manifest your dreams. It's the true story of her own adventure with her husband following the death of their son as they decided to find more powerful, more spiritual ways to live. Find "An Adventure of the Mind" as well as free articles that teach the wonders of mind-body-spirit creativity at

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*Use of these dictionaries is gratefully acknowledged: The American Heritage dictionary, the Merriam-Webster dictionary, the Oxford dictionary, Roget's Thesaurus, and the Reader's Digest Family Word Finder.



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