Limitations & Risk Taking

Limitations & Risk Taking
By Regena English

I want to share two stories with you, one deals with limitations and the other addresses risk taking, two aspects of living most people have the hardest time understanding. First off limitations.

My sister was six years old when she was diagnosed with curviture of the spine due to a tumor growth. The solution to my sister' s problem was the removal of the tumorous growth and the infusion of a metal rod to her spine. Here we are thirty years later and she has had no problems with her spine since having surgery as a child.

All her life she was told don't do this don't do that for fear she would injury her spine. It wasn't until she became an adult she was free to do those things that interested her. Recently she had been inline skating with my niece and loving it, no cares about spinal injuries, just appreciating each moment of fun with her daughter.

My mother was horrified when she heard my sister was skating,"oh she could injure herself, she could cause that rod in her back to move, she could paralyze herself, etc,etc." What my mother failed to comprehend was, my sister's limitations in life are up to what she holds in her mind as true. If she didn't lend credence to her spine being fragile why should I or anyone else tell her otherwise.

As an adult my sister don't see limitations to what she can do and succeed doing. Question. Do you place limitations on your life, conversing within your mind how you can't achieve something? Are you one of those people who could find twenty reasons as to why you can't do something and only one reason as to why you can? Do you permit past mistakes or circumstances to influence what you will or won't do today?

Now on to risk taking. A week ago I was told a story by a local motorcycle racer how a co-work continually forecasted his demise racing his motorcycle. Every Monday Jeff's co-worker Leon would make a statement,"oh so you lived past another weekend at the race track, congratualtions. Hell I would love to try it but that's just too dangerous and I like living, unlike you."

Leon made this statement every week until finally Jeff responded with, "life is too short to live fearful of what ifs. Rolling out of bed is a risk, no more no less of a risk than me racing my motorcycle at the track every weekend".

Leon bar humbugged Jeff's retort by," saying motorcycle racing is too dangerous you're asking to die". Leon was known by his boss and co-workers to be prompt and always present at work, except that fateful Tuesday when suspicions surfaced. He had failed to show up for his shift two days in a row, an occurrence that was very unusual for Leon.

Concerned for Leon his employer phoned his mother to ascertain Leon's whereabouts. Surprised by her son's absentism she asked the employer to accompany her to her son's apartment. It was there at the apartment they discovered the reason he didn't show up for work. He had bleed to death after falling hitting his head on the back of the bathtub. A life not lived to the fullest out of fear of what could possibly happen, with no considerations that risk taking is apart of living.

Questions: Do you go through life denying yourself experiences out fear of "what could possibly happen"? Do you think living means doing so free of risk taking?

Both limitations and risk taking are based on FEAR. Although FEAR often stand in the way of us being our best, being happy, and understanding our greater good it has its reasons for being. FEAR's purpose is to protect. Although it's classified as an emotion it can be seen as a instinctual response to the environment inwhich we live.

Unfortunately, over the millenia this emotion or instinctual response has been permitted to transcend it's original purpose and dominate our decisionmaking, leaving many to live empty but unrealistically safe lives . If we're to ever live in and for the moment we must learn to reduce fear back to its original purpose, for it's in controlling this emotion we truly learn to live and appreciate all life has to offer us.


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