Living On The Edge

Living On The Edge
By Doris Dobkins

What is your lifestyle like? Do you sometimes feel like your finances are out of control and you are living on the edge? Our lifestyle today has become one of "buy and charge". Society pounds this message incessantly, wherever you turn. It is even easier for us to make money than to keep it.

Today, families are living more and more on the edge. "Household borrowing has risen almost 60% to $6.5 trillion in the past five years." The Wall Street Journal, July 5, 2000. Most of us don't even think twice about charging something we can't afford to pay off when the bill comes.

As a result, "Families across America have accumulated $505 billion in credit card debt, averaging a balance of nearly $8,000 per household." USA Today, January 5, 2001

But it's not all your fault. :) The media spends billions of dollars each year to help you make decisions on where to spend your money. They tell you where you should live, what you should buy, what kind of car you should drive and all the while, pushing you closer and closer towards the edge.

Meanwhile, lenders, credit card companies (I'll refer to them as "blood-sucking leaches") are getting the majority of your income each month. Take a moment and calculate what percentage of your paycheck each month is going towards any type of debt. Is it 50%? Is it 85% or could it even be 90%?

Actually, maybe you'd rather not know what you are paying out monthly in interest and debt payments. It's too depressing unless you'd like to make a change and slowly backup from that "edge".

If so, your first step will be to learn to hate credit with a passion. It is not your friend. It is pushing you towards the edge and the only way to fight back is by getting yourself out of debt!

Pay off your debts, and stop the instant gratification spending. If you can't pay off a debt within 25 days, don't make the purchase. It's the only way to beat the system.

Join me in my efforts to "Beat The System" and live away from the edge of financial disaster.


Doris Dobkins is a money saving expert, author and speaker and has helped thousands of people find ways to save money and get out of debt.

If you are "living on the edge of financial disaster" and need some direction, get your copy today of Doris's frugal living home study course "Get Out Of Debt Now!".
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