Some Women

Some Women
(c) 2002 by Regena English

(Excerpt from Younger Women Vs Older Women Leather Spinsters Newsletter February 2002 Edition) "women who have come to understand that their power to freedom, opportunities, and prosperity comes from within first then exhibits itself outwardly. These women don't see it as surrendering of their power to reach back and pull others (who are ready to move) up the ladder with them."

Most women would tell you when they first set out to lasso their careers they were cunning, aggressive, and trusted no one. Those same women would also tell you how many times they banged their heads against the walls of their own making. Thinking they had to be willing to do anything and sacrifice everyone to be the women they desired to be.

Head banging had its benefits. It was the incentive needed for these women to discover success wasn't about being deceptive and conniving. Awards of recognition, job descriptions, bonuses,and or large bank accounts weren't their true definitions of success.

To these women success represented:

1. Purposeful knowing one had something to offer to this world.

2. Feeling confident one was doing their best with life's work.

3. Able to meet or exceed goals, no matter how big or small.

As new workers they didn't understand the mechanics of creating their own lives by controlling their negative emotions (envy,jealousy, vindictiveness) and relying on their God given spirit for guidance. They've since learned. No regrets of mistakes, but, at the same time they would be quick to tell other women not to bear them if possible.

Fact, there's more than enough opportunities to go around to those who want them, something these women learned from experience. They recognized the world around them existed with "limiting beliefs" and it was, they, as individuals who had to set their success limits. They now understand better than most, there are no glass ceilings for those who accept no limitations in their lives.

After these women took the blinders off their eyes they saw the truth. No longer did they need to horde or be selfish with each rung (success) occupied on the career ladder. They evolved to see there were no shortages of opportunities for them in this world,nor were there any reasons to feel threatened by the successes of other women.

Today as older but wiser women they can extend a loving hand to anyone qualified and interested in travelling up the career ladder behind them. A far cry from their limited thinking younger selves who didn't see they had what it took to be all they could be without trickery.

Their general message to women of any age is, don't shortchange yourself with feeling the only way to achieve career goals is through lying,cheating, or sexual favors.Any negative action, doesn't matter how justified you think they are, steals from you.

FYI. The wisdom shared in this article were shared by gracious women in their thirties, forties, fifties, and sixties. Proof that a person don't have to be a certain age to be wise.


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