Spring-To Life Spring-To Life

Spring is about to come to our part of the world. It's a marvelous season filled with a breath of "fresh" air, and a warm breeze once in a while. We look for the first signs of those tulip bulbs we planted and we gently brush the snow away hoping to give them even more incentive to peek out and grace us with their color and their beauty.

Everyday life has its seasons as well. Spring is the beginning of any worthwhile project, summer brings all the feverish activity to get it going and moving forward, fall is when everything begins to truly take shape and we can see the light at the end of the tunnel and winter is when we look at what we have accomplished and can now sit back, admire, and bask in what we have done.

While nature never misses a season, people do. There are times when a great thought invades our space and we are gently nudged to do something about it. Without doing a bit of forethought, a sprinkling of planning, we delve right into it and hope for the best. When we reach "Fall" we realize that it is not going to turn out the way we first envisioned it and we lay it aside and slip into winter.

Humans are the most intelligent beings God created, but if we take a look at Mother Nature, she seems to have gotten it right and having achieved success in a certain way, there is no moving nature from skipping or not following the basic routine toward success. The old adage - A time to plant and a time to reap - is followed religiously by nature and its working.

In today's hurry-instant gratification-can't wait until tomorrow-world, we cut corners, take risks we don't need to, and basically rush through the pleasures of life without taking the time to "smell the roses" along the way. Meals are slapped together because of time restraints, and projects are started, set aside, forgotten about, and we go on. Surely, there are more responsibilities, more activities clamoring for our attention, and with all the modern conveniences made to ease our burden, why don't we have more time to do all we want to?

Take a moment and look at that patch of ground where those tulips are going to be coming up soon. If its frozen solid, then it's not the right time, and if the sun warms it a bit each day, soon what is suppose to happen will happen and we will be the beneficiaries of the wonder of growing flowers, plants, etc. When we plant our garden, if we skipped that first important step of placing that seed in the ground, we can watch that mound of dirt until the cows come home and nothing is going to happen - granted a weed or two might poke through but that is not what we were waiting for.

If something excites us and we would like to see it come to fruitation, let's follow Mother Nature. God gave her certain rules to follow and they work. Sorry, but we are not the be-all and end-all when it comes to how everything is suppose to work. Let's follow the seasons and accomplish everything we want to in our lifetime. It's almost Spring - so let's brush off the snow that might be lying on top, or clear a patch so we have working room, get out our tools, and watch the sun and allow it to warm our plot and help us along.

In other words, begin a project if you feel it is worthy of your time and effort, and finish it. The streets of frustration are paved with unfinished, but started projects, and more are coming in everyday. Let's not add to the heap but begin, endeavor, and bring what we start to a conclusion. We will be happier, everyone around us will surely benefit by our efforts, and - well, there is no more wonderful feeling than seeing that seed begin to push upward and bloom. It's almostSpring - let's

©Arleen M. Kaptur 2003 January
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