THINK, THINK, Dont' Be Sheep

THINK, THINK, Dont' Be Sheep


"I had a inkling to get my money out but I didn't because management said it was safe." anonymous Enron worker

We're a society of sheep, and inspite of what you heard about sheep they are not the epitome of smart or blessed creatures. So if your philosophy in life is to be apart of the herd you're dooming yourself to be a lifetime victim.

Whenever someone else's opinion of a situation outweighs your gut instinct you know you have a serious problem that demands immediate attention from YOU. Why? Your gut instinct is the superconscious way of ensuring your survival as a human being, however, when you choose to not listen to its promptings you create hardships for yourself.

When you disregard or not trust the information sent to you by your "gut" instinct you're turning away your bridge over troubled water, your objective defense system. A defense mechanism created to keep YOU safe from harm, be it physical, emotional, spiritual (or in the case of Enron), financial. I'm just floored by the Enron fiasco, not just by the hardship it has caused many people but by the employees who had gut feelings something was wrong long before the corporation's collapse and did nothing to save themselves.

Is there a lesson to be learned? Yes, it illustrates three points, one it shows how ignorant we are of our Godgiven abilities, secondly it highlights our eagerness to surrender our right to choose for self to others, and thirdly it points out the insecurity of the masses in trusting their own decisions. This is just a friendly reminder to not second guess your intuition because it's the line drawn in the sand that separate victors from victims.

What is intuition?

Intuition is the direct perception of truth or facts that is independent of the reasoning process. A prime example is taking place everyday in classrooms around the world, students are asked a question and without conscious effort know the answer but fail to give it to the instructor. It's only after the correct answer has been provided does the student realize they knew the correct answer all alone. It is then seen as somehow being a fluke or just another unimportant coincidence.

In short our intuition is the unhindered (so-called off the wall) response to a question or situation. Do you know the voice inwhich I speak? I'm talking about the one we often disregard or overanalyze into obscurity out of fear of being different or wrong. Long forgotten is the reason why we have intuition (or gut feeling) in the first place, it's not to make us appear silly to those around us, but to help us live as divine beings. Confident, Secure, Self-Reliant.

When we disregard our gut feelings on any situation we make ourselves weak and gullible to the world around us, and as you know the world can be a harsh and cruel place for those who lack the necessary survival skills.

INTUITION is in us for survival sake so don't be afraid to THINK unhindered.

Regena English, the editor of The Leather Spinsters Newsletter (SM) at and is the proud creator of Leather Spinster Wear (TM) -clothes that makes a subtle statement for the single woman. &


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