Valentine's Day Again

Valentine's Day Again :-)

Whelp it's Valentine's Day again. It seems that each year I make an effort to write something to try to change the perceptions of single women about this so-called "day for lovers".

My approach this year is different. Instead of encouraging unattached females to make this a self enjoyment day I'm urging them to treat it like any other day, do what they would normally do on this particular day of the week.


For some women they have deepseated issues regarding being single and to them Valentine's Day exacerbates those feelings. So, until those issues are cleared away Valentine's Day will always represent a day of not fitting in. It's my desire to encourage women to continue (or start) working on their inner selves so as to design their lives according to their terms, discovering the joy all us us want and need.

Reading every month The Leather Spinsters Newsletter and Leather Spinsters on The Web Ezine will help you discover your inner person to become the person who've always wanted to be plus more.

As with previous months, February's newsletter will have articles on enhancing single women's lives from the inside to be reflected outwardly.
Regena English

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